Clear and Specific Communication

Enroute to the city and passed a sign saying ‘Parking from $5’. No idea whether that’s per day, per hour, per minute. Pretty vague and likely to put the customers off, more than get drive ins.

Are you vague with your communications or clear and specific?

Had a boss once and used to watch her with the big boss and how she’d circle around and around in meetings without saying much and I could see how frustrated said big boss would get.

Meetings went for hours when they could have been kept to under an hour.

Innate some of us are more big picture, some of us more detailed, some of us like speed and others take their time.

Regardless of how we’re innately wired, we need to learn to adapt and adjust our style and approach to suit the ‘audience’. Whether that’s team members, whole staff, executive group, peers, board, other stakeholders of any kind…

So when it comes to getting your message across…;

Are you clear on intent?

Know your desired outcome?

Planned out dot points?

Considered different perspectives?

Ready to take and ask questions?

Armed with useful probing questions and acknowledgement statements?

Formatted your viewpoints with the why, what, some how and who?

Are you using open-ended rather than closed questions?

Being tuned into your ‘audience’ does take some thought, preparation and clear articulation.

You adjust and adapt your tune and style whether talking to 1, 10 or 100 people.

Waffle or warmth. Some people get confused between being warm and friendly and offer ‘waffle and wander’ instead. That’s what I call it when conversations go around and around and don’t get to the point. Everyone leaves meetings a bit confused, none the wiser, not clear on action-taking, responsibility or accountability, next steps or why it all even matters.

So on that note, keep it succinct to the point and helpful.

What’s your key takeaway from this post?




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