Coaching a High-Performing Team

The season has only just begun and we’ve won 3 out of 3 games. I’m the proudest coach on the planet and here’s why.

It’s not because we have some amazing goal scorers… we’ve certainly missed a lot of opportunities.

Not because everyone is amazing at passing and highly skilled football players. We have a diverse range of skills.

And it’s not because the opposition has been weaker or we’ve won by luck. That wasn’t the case either.

It’s because we are amazing at team work.

Each and every kid makes the passes. They’re there to have fun, play hard and help each other. There is no ‘soloist – it’s all about me’ going on.

They communicate on the pitch, use each other’s names and talk a lot.

They listen to the sideline coach commentary and act on the strategies.

They’re persistent and patient.

They’re playing to their strengths. They’ve articulate where they love playing and want to get better at in terms of
position and skill technique.

They turn up for training and for game day.

Each time soccer season comes round, I am reminded there is so much to learn about great leadership by coaching a soccer team.

A business will only be as good as its leader/s and team/s.

How great is the teamwork in your business or the organisation at the moment?

If ‘soloist, defeatist or siloist’ mentality is affecting the teamwork then it might not be going so well.

Curious to know, message me here and let’s brainstorm some solutions.


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