Customer Health Check-Up

In my work with tourism businesses lately, we’ve been exploring ALL things customer journey. Are you familiar with your customer’s journey? Have you mapped it recently, taken time to dive in and explore deeply where the customer is at?

What their deepest frustrations, fears, wants and aspirations are? Or have you continued to keep selling without any regular check-ins or check-ups? You could even think about it as a customer health check-up?

How healthy is your customer at the moment? How are they feeling every step of the way on their journey with you? That journey follows 5 key stages of travel – Dreaming, Planning, Booking, Experiencing, and Sharing, and from the moment of hearing about your business can be the difference between booking or not, and being an advocate or not.

There are so many steps in the customer journey that can deliver extraordinary, ordinary or awful experiences.

Lately, I’ve seen a few great businesses really working their magic on delivering extraordinary customer experiences every step of the way.

One business is putting their entire reservations and sales department through 6 workshop trainings, Short and sharp sessions that hone in on the milestones of experiences, conversations and communications that these 30 staff delivering on a daily basis. They’re upskilling their whole team!

Another business has their new reservations manager undergoing leadership training to work on her people leadership skills and particularly focusing on the on-boarding of new staff into the business as well as ensuring the transition from team member to senior leader is smooth for existing staff as well.

Other businesses are honing in on the gaps in their customer journey, aspects they can refine and improve that naturally with the stop/start of the last few years has maybe been forgotten or dropped off without intention or just hasn’t been a priority.

Regardless of your industry, it’s a really important time to focus on customer journey right now and ask yourself “How does our customer feel every step of the way?” and if you’re being really smart with it, you might even reach out and ask your customer “How are you feeling every step of the way?”

Are you tracking, measuring and getting feedback from your customers? Are you taking it on-board, acknowledging, implementing in a timely fashion or adapting the feedback as relevant and appropriate for departments?

What might be missing? What can you and the team do more of, be better at, or do differently?



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