Dealing with High Anxiety and Stress


Being skillful at dealing with anxiety and stress is very empowering, because rather than be driven by your negative emotions, you can tap into positive emotions and transform the way you look at life, react and respond to situations both at work and at home.

This helps our ability to make decisions, deal with conflict, problem-solve and take action.
As leaders every minute matters, so if something takes you ‘out’ for an hour, when really it only needs to be minutes, or days when really it could be ’30 minutes’, wouldn’t that be more effective use of your time?

This is a brief introduction to Positive Intelligence, the ability to have our mind work for us rather than against us.

It is phenomenal for helping speed of recovery in dealing with situations, events, conversations and circumstances, particularly those out of our control.

Being able to go from anxious and concerned to curious is a choice and there is a skill to make it happen.

A quick session below on how to PQ (Positive Intelligence reps) to build the muscles in your mind to pattern interrupt, pause and change the meaning you give events.

For more information on Positive Intelligence and dealing with workplace stress and juggling home life, please DM me.

Please do not struggle alone with these challenges.









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