Different Learning Styles


Have you ever stopped to consider how you best learn?

Recently undertaking an 8 week pottery course, really shone a new light onto this very topic for me. Whilst I’m used to it in the business sense, this course was a classic reminder of how we are all different. Of the 5 in our class, some were very chatty and talkative, always asking questions of the teacher. Others were silent, working away without a peep. Others liked to be shown and watched several times over before taking hesitant steps to start, whilst some had to be reigned back in whilst the teacher finished her explanations.

Learning is so fascinating, the theory behind it all.

Some of us are one time learners, some of us three times and some multiple times. Have you ever wondered with some staff, you may have shown them things once or several times over and wondered why they haven’t got it or remembered it?

What tools are you using to teach?

Do you mix it up with visual, auditory and kinasethic learning tools, ie. something they can see and watch, something they can hear and listen to and importantly something they can touch and feel?

We all have a natural preference to how we like to learn. And ideally as teachers, leaders you’re proving a can learning environment that provides a mix of the above to cater for varying needs. A great question to ask to discover is as simple as “how do you best like to learn?”

Get into conversation and discover person by person. So you can tailor-make the approach with where a team member is at, rather than where you think they are or what you think they may need.

With our teacher in pottery, I loved hands on, the actually doing, however I liked the visual tools, watching her and imitating the hands, reading the board with the step by step process outlined. Then I had to have multiple goes for it to stay in my brain and remember this new skill.

Put this ‘teaching’ to practice with a team member. Let me know how it goes.

How do you best like to learn?

Here’s a few pots made this last term – so much fun!



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