Difficult Conversations Made Easier

No matter how hard difficult conversations are, they only become easier with practice. In coaching sessions, when we have our accountability calls, I’ll follow-up and ask “How’d that conversation go with Mary, Tom or Sally….” (insert name of a person for said difficult conversation). I love hearing the responses, the progress, the hiccups and the momentum.

No situation ever goes perfectly. There is no perfect, only progress.

Now I could sugarcoat it and say it’s not a difficult conversation and call it something fabulously positive.

However, let’s keep it real.

Difficult convos are difficult. It’s a personal thing and if you’re reading this and nodding, you’ll know what I mean. For those of you who don’t find them difficult, this isn’t for you.

The avoider, procrastinator, or often the people pleaser, can come out to play and worry about upsetting someone, saying the wrong thing, not getting it right, or doing a great job of it.

Giving feedback can be a hairy experience for a few reasons.

No one has ever showcased a great way to do it ie. with us when a boss has given us feedback in the past.

No one has taught us a framework that might genuinely be helpful for having the conversation.

Likewise, we may not have had the opportunity to learn about individual personalities and differences, so we can adapt our approach.

We may think it’s all about personality and forget about referencing capability development.

The radar is on performance management rather than performance development.

So when I get the response “Oh no, I didn’t have that conversation. It’s still on my to-do list.”

Then we start talking about tactics and ways to start to love performance development conversations, giving feedback, and having difficult conversations on any topic.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with the difficult conversations?






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