Do you have a love/hate relationship with time?

Time is a precious commodity, one which we too easily give away and can never get back.

What’s your thing with time?

Is it the wasted time in meetings (online or in person), going around in circles because people aren’t prepared, aren’t contributing, or are reluctant or avoiding decision-making?

Or is it more the confusion, lack of clarity, and poor communication, that’s chewing up time? Feel like you’re repeating yourself?

Is it the thousand things due, needed and just simply not enough hours to get stuff done and it’s frustrating?

Or is it everyone pulling at you wanting a piece of you, an answer, more, when you really wish they could think for themselves and solve the problems?

Or perhaps, it’s that work takes over your time and you feel like you have no me time, home time, because even when you’re at home, you feel the need to keep working or you’re thinking about work?

As a leader, it’s vital to ensure we’re respectful of our own time and that of others.

Are you great at setting boundaries?

Being prepared, having agendas, decision-making strategies, planning, follow-through, follow-up, brainstorming, a clear intention, purpose, and outcomes for meetings, written comms, and corridor conversations – it will help enormously.

Make the most of your time this week.

Make the most of managing the competing priorities.

And if you’re not sure because:

  • you’re uncertain where to focus, you haven’t got your numbers or to list up-to-date
  • you’re not 100% sure where to start because there is so much on the go
  • you know what’s slowing you down, but aren’t sure what to do about it

Then message TIME to me here, and let’s help you have a LOVE LOVE relationship with time and help you go from time-poor to a master at managing competing priorities.




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