Do you have a Pro-Team?


Do you have a Pro Team?

Talking through our ‘Show-up Factor’ Framework today with a group of Leaders.

What sort of team do you have?

Two key ingredients for high performing teams: Accountability and Communication.

The Pro Team has both. They’re Showing Up.

Whoa Team are good on the accountability, yet perhaps lower on the communication front. It’s their Own show.

The Woe Team might be loud on the communication, yet lay blame, justify and make excuses. They’re low on the accountability. It feels more like a Show Down.

The No Team is low communication and accountability. They’re likely one foot on the bus and one foot off the bus. It’s more a No Show.

Does your team have a pro-dominance of individuals sitting in one quadrant or do you have a mixture of people. The sooner you can help individuals shift to being PRO TEAM individuals, the sooner you’ll have a high performing team.

The Pro Team.
So what are the ways in which you’re holding team members to account or not?

What are all the ways you and the team choose to communicate or not?

Sometimes even the smallest of changes, tweaks or improvements to these two ingredients alone, will make significant difference?

For example:
Do meetings get postponed or pushed back consistently for one reason or another (oh and there are always good reasons 😉, aren’t there!)

What process holds people to account? Daily check-ins, weekly reporting, meeting follow-up, KPI check-ins or does some of this get let go and taken over by day to day fires.

The fires, the drama, the issues and challenges will always happen. That’s business. That’s people.

Are you building a Pro Team?

Or reacting and responding to where your individuals are at right now?

Rather than raising the standards to where you want to go and how you want to be as a team for the future?

If you’d like to talk through your team, current challenges and opportunities, message me here.


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