Doing and Being Better at Tourism Leadership

Warning – today’s conversation a bit of a rant – about “leadership doing better and being better” because it has an impact on people.

Our people in tourism are our greatest asset.

Are you having the difficult conversations?
Making timely and effective five decisions?
Are you providing constructive feedback and performance development?
Are you training and developing your people?
Or sweeping things under the carpet?
Missing the basics like please, thank you and appropriate and timely apologies?

Focusing and results and forgetting about the importance of you people.
Doesn’t matter how great the sunsets are, the beds, the bus or dive spot.

Your tourism team is everything. Behind the scenes, front of house, online, on the phones and on the boat, bus or beach.

Care for team and they will care for your customer.
Effective tourism leadership is critical.
Rant over – thank you.







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