Flick the Switch or Blow the Fuse

What if you could flick the circuit breaker first before the fuse blows?

When it comes to the human mind there is so much you can do to circuit break the traditional responses and reactions when it comes to being in overdrive, handling stress, overwhelm, frustration, disappointment or low self-esteem.

The thing is only 20% of the population and teams in particular know how.

Whilst they may have some insight (done some development around this topic) have they actually built the mental muscles, the strength and mental fitness required?

In the workplace, people trigger each other with judgement, micromanagement, the need for getting it right, high expectations, desire to succeed, avoidance and procrastination, distraction and multi-tasking, people-pleasing, the victim mentality and much more – day in day out.

When leading teams personally, I’ve always been highly driven and worked super hard. I have very high expectations of self and others. If I don’t deliver according to ‘my high’ standards I feel extremely disappointed with myself, when others don’t deliver, I’m frustrated with them.

We’re all human.

We get triggered.

What triggers you the most?

Do you know your triggers?

The gift is being able to predict, intercept, strengthen and switch.

  1. Predict – the patterns
  2. Intercept – the thoughts and emotions
  3. Strengthen – the muscles in your mind
  4. Switch – the responses and reactions

For a leader in business this can be a circuit breaker.

A deal breaker between being a good and great leader.

For a team this can be highly powerful and shift the productivity by at least 30%.

Know your current work world isn’t changing or going to have miracles tomorrow?

Want to be able to manage your stress more effectively, feel more productive day in day out and find some inner calm to keep on with the job?

Reach out.


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