Focus is a Super Power

Do you have this superpower at your fingertips?

Ever have days when you wish you could shut the door, turn off all the surrounding noise, people, and commitments, and REALLY focus?

I can. It’s one of my superpowers.

One I use a LOT.

Here’s why.

I get stuff done when I’m super focused.

It’s faster than procrastination and distraction.

It’s so rewarding.

Others appreciate resolution to their outstanding questions, issues or conversations.

People like certainty. They like knowing you’ll do, get done what you say you’ll do.

So what is the focus?

According to the dictionary;

* The main or central point of something, especially of attention or interest:


* careful attention that is given to something such as a task, or the ability to give your full attention to something:

Here’s how I REALLY focus.

  1. Use the senses: visual – see it, use the whiteboard, notepad, paper, worksheets, etc. Or auditory – what are you listening to? Or kinesthetic – do you have something to touch, rather than purely look at?
  2. Have a plan – what is the plan, agenda, key outcomes, and priorities to discuss, then hone in on the plan. Break big jobs into small tasks. One thing at a time.
  3. Put the clock on – respect your valuable time. It is everything. We still only get 24 hours a day. Set the timer. Less is more. Please focus on one thing and get it done.

Be diligent with practicing focus. You might find yourself getting distracted by thoughts, external noise, etc. That’s ok.

Catch yourself.

Have a chuckle.

You’re human.

Get back to what you were doing!

Happy Focusing





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