Follow Through or Follow Up

What do you do in order to ensure accountability across the business?

Recently my soccer girls were practicing penalties and corner kicks. Each of them would line up and be super focused on taking the kick… however what the majority of them didn’t realise until we spoke about it was… it was all about the follow-through. What your leg is doing after your foot hits the ball. If you forget about the follow through the ball invariably goes wild and you end up with a ‘Wonky Donkey’ as we call it on our pitch with the U11’s.

You’re not dealing with 10 year olds, I know.

You’re dealing with adults.

However here is the similarity, with leadership it’s all about the follow through or follow up.

If you’re making decisions, what follow-up is required?

If you’re allocating workloads or projects, what follow through is required to ensure no balls are dropped?

If you’re empowering leaders, what follow-up is helpful to ensure they stay accountable?

Accountability is a very common issue for most business owners and executive leaders.

It starts with you.

How are you enabling and empowering your senior leaders, managers or supervisors to be responsible? And how are you holding them to account?

If we’ve not got the ideal follow through or follow up, if there is a lack of consistency, timing or communication of any kind, then… you’ll have a problem.

Often leaders may not realise they’re creating the problems.

Perhaps being over-controlling, complacent with keeping time, cancelling meetings, no repercussions in place for people who don’t do, what they said they were going to do.

All of this becomes an accountability issue.

How’s your team doing with accountability?

What are the systems you have in place to support people and hold them to account?

What’s one specific area of change and improvement you could make today that would improve on accountability for you and the team?

Let’s limit the ‘Wonky Donkey’s!’



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