For or Against

Best session ever with a client today.

Reflecting on the growth, learnings and improvements made across the last 7 months.

As well as a great summary document, we could see the data measuring the growth and momentum achieved.

Do you ever stop and take stop of where you’re at and how far you’ve come as a leader?

It’s great to do for so many reasons.

    1.  To press pause on the day and assess
    2.  To communicate out loud what’s worked well, what could be done differently, better or continued
    3.  To figure out where the gaps are and help might be required and to ask for it!
    4.  To adjust and tweak the plan (or write it if it’s not already done)
    5.  Is the plan just purely business – operational, strategic, financial etc? Maybe personal or does that take a backseat? What else needs consideration and options put to paper?
    6.  Are you on purpose or has the last two years thrown you off track? Has your purpose changed? Personally as well as professionally?
    7.  To remain flexible, adaptable and open to change

We all grow and evolve.

Learning and Development is critical as a leader.

Making time to invest in you, your role, who you are, and who you want to be next month, next quarter and next year. We never remain the same. Life and our life circumstances, the pace, environment and situation don’t allow that to have.

Do you feel like you’re reacting to the circumstances?

Or are you proactive regardless of the environment or pace?

Do you have your mind working for you or against you?

Day in day out, month after month, year after year?

Want to know how to measure it?




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