Getting to Goal

What does it take to get to goal?
What does it mean for you to get to goal?

In Weight Watchers’ world – it’s about hitting the number that you’d stated you wanted to get to at the beginning of the program. When I started, I put a number into the app, wrote some reasons why and went on my merry way.

In the first week, a few days in, the doubt crept in.

“How am I possibly going to actually do it?” I wondered.

Just because we set a number and have a plan, doesn’t mean we’ll actually kick the goal.

Wishing and hoping doesn’t make it happen.

Week after week… I followed the plan. Sure there were some hiccups, hurdles, mishaps and highlights. And believe it or not, I actually got to goal. 8kgs down and very pleased with myself. Yes, I’m having a brag, cause it feels amazing.

So whether you’ve got work goals in your tourism business, or personal goals, here are 5 things I’ve learnt along the way;

  • The micro habits are critical. The little things make a big difference ie. meal prep, planning ahead, pre-checking menus for those occasions out, having snacks packed in the handbag or backpack.
  • Have help along the way, the support crew are vital. Who is cheering for you? Have some key people who are on the team.
  • Use the plan, it’s there for a reason. No need to recreate the wheel, whether it’s a weekly, monthly, operational or strategic plan, it’s been designed, developed and detailed for a reason. Use it. Follow-it, adapt and modify it, if it needs improving.
  • Get back on the horse, even if it bucks you off occasionally. We all have bad days. Shockers. We can use those as a constant excuse not to do what we know we need to do, to follow the plan, or we can get back on that horse, whether it’s within the hour, day, or the next day. It’s about speed of recovery.
  • Own it. Talk about it. Share the goal. Historically, I’ve rarely talked about this stuff. It’s very personal. And it’s very professional, if we want to be our best self in business. We want to feel amazing inside and out. Sharing and achieving the goals takes teamwork. So say it out loud.

So again, whether work or home, choose 1 goal.
Name it, claim it, make it happen.


Reach out if you want to talk about priorities and your 2023 Tourism Leadership Plan.

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