Going Back to Basics

A recent learning to share. We got a dog through Covid and I’ve hurt my shoulder/arm with excessive ball/stick throwing. 🙁

Not something I’d have thought would be an issue, however exacerbated with all the mouse and repetitive tech usage, sitting at a computer.

So yes a pain, discomfort, however like with everything, there is always a gift and opportunity in every situation.

Rather than make it a problem. Am still able to fortunately have the physio and rather than stop playing tennis, I’ve started playing left handed.

Yes I’m literally learning to play tennis again. It feels weird and so super wonky!

I feel like a kid again and funnily enough, one of my great lockdown lessons came from Henry recently. He was telling me about a tip he’d been given during a lesson from his coach.

With his wisest of voices, Henry said “Pete told us to wait and let the ball drop to about hip height before hitting it”.

Wow. Really. Such a simple tip. Now here’s the thing. I’ve never had many tennis lessons. Was mostly self taught by Dad as a kid, fairly sure he’d never had many lessons either.

So this one – very basic tip – has been mind-blowing and it works. It really really works. 8 times out of 10, my new left-handed shots are fantastic when I wait. When I choose not to rush in, or rush the shot.

So moral of the story. Sometimes it’s ALL about going back to basics.

What are the essentials, basics, little things that might make the biggest difference for you and the team, for the team and the business?

Here’s a few common things, we talk about with clients day in day out:

  • Communication – what’s the system for great communication? How does it breakdown? Where or when does it break down? What are the foundations – the basics for great communication?
  • Accountability – what’s the system for great accountability? How do people not get held to account? What stops this or helps this to happen? What are the foundations – the basics for great accountability?
  • Engagement – what’s the system for measuring engagement? How do we know people are truly engaged and on the bus, or is it lip service only and the actions aren’t aligned? What are the foundations for great engagement?

This list can go on, however… this is a start?

What might the basics be for you and the team?

  • Daily WIP meetings
  • Weekly catch-up’s
  • 1-1 follow-up’s
  • Thank you messages
  • Follow-up summary email
  • 45 minute meetings (not 1 hour)
  • A couple of hours in lieu or a random day off
  • ETC.

This is going to be unique to you, your situation and where the team and business are at.

Business is not rocket science, it’s absolutely about going back to basics sometimes to gap-fill and problem-solve the issues. There is always a way to solve a problem, yet when we’re too close to it all, it’s very personal and very professional for us, we might not see what is right in front of us.

So on that note, thanks to Milo (the dog), Henry for his tip, Pete for giving Henry the advice and to myself for being open to playing left-handed.

Sometimes we’ve got to have a go, keep finding a way and digging deep.

I’ll let you know how the tennis goes now it’s school holidays, we might get another game or two in.

With love from this Leftie 😉



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