Ever Find Yourself Caught Up in the To-Do List Forgetting the Most Important Thing?

Let’s take a moment to focus on who we are, not what we do.

A while back I had the weirdest experience.

Had a marvellous few days away from the office. It was great, out meeting new people, helping them work on building better teams and growing their businesses.

It was an intense and explorative few days.

However, something was unsettling me on returning home.

We can get so bogged down thinking about all the things there are to do, that we haven’t done yet to keep our businesses growing and thriving. It was something that really bugged me in the early days of being in business.

I’d question myself and feel like I could never do enough. There were never enough hours in the day.

Have you got so focused on what you’re doing, it is eating up who you are being?

Here is an ever constant… remember, our business is not our identity.

Our role, career or business is a vehicle for fulfilling our values as a person, what matters, that enables us to be who we are and want to be.

I always have to remind myself I am not, something that I do.

Neither is my business, my business is a result of who I am being and who I teach and empower others to be.

So no matter whether you’re in a leadership role, run or own the business. Take a moment now to reconnect with who you are instead of focusing on what you do.

Because this is where the magic is, this is where the fun is at and this is when the action happens.

This is absolutely where the momentum and results in business come from.

Rather than worrying about what you’re doing or not enough of yet….

Stay focused on who you’re being, be more of that if it’s serving you, useful and helping you achieve your aspirations, goals and dreams. And if it’s not, tweak and improve it.

In the words of Ray Kroc, be green and growing, not ripe and rotting.

Here’s how to uncover who you are again if it’s got a little diluted with the ‘busy’ness of life and work.

Make your shortlist by answering this one question:

  1. Who am I?

I am … (insert your answer here, use a… if helpful. See my example below).

Remember this is not about roles or titles. This is about what inspires you, you love and matters to you)

In thinking about my shortlist, this is what resonated the most.

I’m healthy, creative, an achiever, a funster, a sporty gal, a connector and an experiencer.

Here to experience all the joys, the highs, lows and curveballs that business and life are to offer.

And most importantly I’m present, present to the here and now.

When you get disconnected from who you are, it can be uncomfortable and unsatisfying.

Reconnect and be you with all of your beautiful ‘you’ness and uniqueness.

Genevieve “Be You” Matthews



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