How flexible are you and the business?


Let’s talk adapting to flexible working arrangements. This could be a game changer for leading a team both in the short and over the long term.

In the SMH recently, it quoted ‘from 9000 people working from home, when asked, whether they wanted to stay there? The very strong answer was: yes!’

Or, to at least, have the option, it would be nice.

Only 10% said they wanted to be back in the office.

29% said they wanted to work from home full-time.

61% said they would like to be able to work from home when it suits them.

So…. are you ready to handle those conversations when they start happening?

Or have they kicked off already in your business?

Who has considered impact to written contracts / employment agreements?

Whilst technology has helped us adapt pretty quickly for the short term now… what happens if this new working environment is here to stay for longer?

Who has thought about the communication, systems and training plans to adapt to this?

How will you ensure the channels of communication both for internal and external dialogue are prioritised?

What will be put in place to continue training and developing individuals and the team?

Many business leaders and managers have put some of the ‘challenging conversations / conflict related’ discussions on hold… they’ve been avoiding them, putting them off, waiting…

Is that you?

Also many of the annual or bi-annual performance reviews and specific situations needing urgent feedback have been delayed, postponed or cancelled, because some leaders believe, they’re uncomfortable to have or harder to deliver over the phone or by zoom/MS teams etc.

We may find our departments and teams do not come all together, as they once did in the past… Hard to imagine, yet worth putting some thought to.

We don’t yet know exactly what the new normal is, so it’s what is the new NOW!

Are you thinking about the way in which you’re leading the team NOW?

Not saying all businesses will embrace more flexible working environments, some may, some may not. However it might be worth moving forward and embracing those ‘more challenging conversations’.

Put your big boots on, be brave, use a feedback model and ensure the lines of communication are open, clear and caring.

Highly discourage the ‘email feedback’, please pickup the phone and talk ‘human to human’!!

Genevieve “Being Flexible” Matthews

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