How Judgement impacts the Workplace

So there has been a lot of talk about elephants with coaching clients lately. The expression “The elephant in the room” is often a problem that everyone knows is there but no one wants to acknowledge or talk about / open up about.

For many situations I’ve come across – the elephant – is huge, it’s heavy and it’s only or well mostly a problem because it’s judgement related. Often it’s old stuff too, it’s been around for a long while… and it feels very heavy.

Yet people don’t realise they’re holding onto it (the judgement) and it’s impact.

Maybe ….;

– it’s because someone has hurt us, offended us, rejected us in the past

– an embarrassment about something that happened

– or it’s guilt for a perceived ‘mistake’ made

– or it’s low self esteem because we don’t feel like we are good enough

– or they’re so much better!!

This elephant of judgement or expectation of how we believe others should have acted or should be acting (in the past, present or into the future) coupled with whether that judgement then is in fact of our self and how we ‘should’ be… it’s a large load to carry all day long.

It’s all based on our own ‘rule’ book and sometimes rather than holding onto the old stuff or that rule book of judgement or expectation, maybe replace it with empathy and curiosity.

Stop holding onto the elephant and start a fresh. Particularly if it’s not serving or helping…. perhaps!

Give a whirl and notice what you experience instead.


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