How To Improve Leadership Confidence

One of the most frequent conversations I have with clients is about “How to improve Leadership Confidence”.

It’s rare that in the beginning, because people always like to show me they’re confident and they have the “S$%T” together.

Yes truly.

However quite rapidly within a session or two, once the facade drops and raw honesty comes to the fore, up pops THE question.

A lack of, or ranging leadership confidence can come from a few things. That being said, it’s unique to an individual as well.

Often I see confidence wavering when it comes to leading others.

It shows up with a reluctance to delegate, or the hesitation to give feedback and have challenging conversations.

It might be the distracted and scattered approach, getting everyone lost during a meeting, and then said leader is in a disorganised state, as are others and it goes downhill from there.

Or one lady said she loved having difficult conversations, yet when push came to shove, she didn’t actually give the much needed feedback to the individual and would beat around the bush and not say what needed to be said.

Another gave feedback, then put no ongoing performance management or development milestones in place, so yes that one-off conversation was had, however, if there is no further accountability or responsibility mutually agreed upon… then outcomes won’t be achieved.

The confidence often seen in the tourism industry is around connection, being a people person and taking great care of people, being great at relationships, conversations, etc.

However, this can also be our greatest asset as tourism leaders as well as a serious downfall when it prevents the much-needed assertiveness or discomfort around capability areas that are less of our strength.

When it comes to leading the business, we must also dig deep, be confident and use our strategic thinking and visionary ability.

Confidence comes from taking action, doing, getting feedback, implementing, tweaking and improving, and doing it all over again (slightly differently if it didn’t work the first time round).

If you’re honest with yourself, how confident are you in your leadership ability?

Do you receive feedback with which you’re able to adapt and adjust?

Are you aware of your blind spots and act on them?

What you could work on to tweak and improve?


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