How to Set Aside Unrealistic Expectations

As a child needs time to learn to ride a bike, play tennis, pick up and develop new skills, adults do too. We can have some pretty unrealistic expectations of people in the business world. Frequently hearing words like “they should be able to lead, they should be able to communicate, why can’t they listen, and on it goes….”

As It’s fairly standard when people are at maximum capacity and resources stretched. It’s exacerbated right now as business leaders find their feet again, shift, adapt and evolve.

We have to stop with the unrealistic expectations of should and shouldn’t be able to do. Those ‘should’s only lay the foundations for frustrations, animosity and toxicity in the extreme.

Talent isn’t given. Talent requires development.

Performance managing someone, after an event or issue is short-sighted. Put the foundations into place for building, developing and stretching performance, confidence, capability and capacity along the way.

Whether it’s bike-riding, playing tennis, piano or ping-pong, it takes the foundations, then practice, development, being stretched to ride further, play in competition, accompany a singer etc.

In business, we make assumptions that because people have a title at the bottom of their email footer, that they have these foundations.

This is across any area of business too.
Definitely not true. Unfortunately.

However a fact and when businesses do not invest time and money into the practice and developing, they can be overstretching individuals, when they’ve missed stages along the way.

Are you committed to helping your people develop their talents along the way?

It’s not about developing everything and all at once. It’s being strategic for what’s ideal for the business/team and for the individual.

Instead of setting unrealistic expectations, can you discuss matching up the standards, of what’s ideal in the role for an individual and what are the ways we can work on improving performance, developing it, tweaking and building muscles.

With 20/21 around the corner, do you have the talent development plans ready for you as leader and the team?

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