How to shift Micro Habits

Do you know some of the micro habits that are helpful or harmful in your world?

Whether it’s around your tourism business, health, finance, relationships, leadership… etc.

Our micro habits can make or break the way in which we’re able to thrive. They can impact our self-care, connection, our ability to be assertive, plan and organize, create and achieve, deliver on outcomes, stay on purpose, to feel happy, content, and fulfilled.

Do these moments of truth sound familiar?

Health – Reaching for the bottle of wine in the fridge rather than a glass of cold water, or grabbing the TV remote instead of tying up shoe laces and heading out the door for a walk.

Finance – Filling up the shopping cart online without going back through the list of wants/needs/must haves, and suddenly the food bill, or ‘just need one thing’ Officeworks online shop, has suddenly turned into an expensive ‘outing’.

Relationships – Ignoring that moment when a partner, child, or friend is wanting to engage and share their day, because we’ve got our eyes on our iPhone, the TV, or doing another task, and instead of in that special moment looking up and being present, we prioritize the other thing.

Leadership – Getting caught up in the day-to-day of ‘doing’ in your tourism business and once again not getting to the report, phone call, feedback, or planning time that’s critical as a leader. It’s important, yet just not as urgent as the other things that continuously crop up each and every day.

Micro Habits are a part of our life and they can be serving us or sabotage us.

Awareness is critical, however, we need to take another step to figure it out. We want to work out our strategy for NOT DOING….

In that moment of choosing the TV remote, clicking the buy more button, or staying focused on the iPhone instead of looking into someone else’s eyes and being present, what emotion are we filling up? What need are we meeting? What’s motivating us?

Micro Habits help us feel something. It could be a sense of:

  • certainty and comfort
  • challenge and adventure
  • significance and importance
  • love and connection

Our micro habits are feeding us. Filling up our cups.

If you’d like to shift old habits and create new ones, ask yourself “How do I know when it’s time to NOT thrive, not connect, not assert, not plan, not achieve, not deliver, not be happy? What’s the very first thing I do…?”

Dig a little deeper into what’s going on. Sometimes it’s actually obvious that’s become unconscious, slipped into unawareness, and we need reminding and sometimes need a little deeper work.

What micro habits might you like to work on this week?



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