Keeping the Battery Charged Up

What’s worked well already for you today? What can you improve on?

A leader recently, rushed, stressed and so busy, came onto our Coaching Call pretty amped up. Made them stop, breathe… feel their feet and do a HD video of the surroundings. Could tell by the body language (over zoom), they thought I was bit nuts. However held the space for them, staying completely still and focused. Gave them the space to pause and breathe. Then dived in and explained the brain science.

It’s pretty simple, if you want to use your brain well and effectively, you need to make sure the battery is charged up.

You want the best hormones flooding your brain for effectiveness and productivity. You want the endorphins/serotonin flowing not adrenaline and cortisol racing around.

It’s also helpful to know you have different regions in the brain that you can use to access your empathy, creativity, clear headed laser focus, rather than using the area of the brain that may use judgement, guilt or fear to drive you forward.

You get to choose, how you show up every moment and how quickly you respond and recover to stress, challenge, lack of time, overload, challenging conversations, distractions etc.

Please use this technique yourself and/or share with a colleague, friend or family member. The power of breath and physical, visual or auditory sensations to re-charge our mind. Start with only 10 seconds, as a way of building mental muscle.

Our battery looses charge as the day goes by, particularly when we’re working in high-stress, fast paced environments, so keep it it charged up ready to tackle your day with anything and everything that comes your way!


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