Know when to Stop and Take Stock

How often do you stop and take stock with how you, the team and business are tracking? In the last 18 months with so much going on, it’s been pretty easy to get VERY caught up in the day to day. Dealing with the urgent priorities.

We get very used to that pattern of behaviour as business owners and leaders, sometimes then forgetting we do need to regularly stop. It’s important to pull ourselves up and out of the mud/weeds/dirt and focus on the bigger picture.

Do you have a system for taking stock and re-assessing where the gaps are, what the opportunities look like? Where the focus needs to be next or shifted to?

It might be a case of continuing business as usual. However quite likely, because this is what we see with clients day in day out, when you think you can least afford to (time or money), it’s actually is time to stop. The time-out is a refreshing break from working in the business to reflect on the business. To look at what’s working really well. To consider what might we need to be better at, do more of or do differently.

It’s never one thing, however it’s often a few small things that might actually make the biggest difference. By taking a step back we can remind ourselves of what’s important, where we’re headed, what we’re wanting to achieve, the pathway to get there and what might be missing presently.

When it comes to building a business and creating a high performing team, one of the keys to success is having a very clear picture of where you’re headed and how to get there. You’d be surprised how unclear that picture can get, when we get caught up in dealing with the day today. Whether its handling the people issues, staff, suppliers, board or customers or maybe it’s system related and quite lately obviously finance related, has been taking up a huge amount of time for leaders.

If you want to take stock and re-look at where you’re headed and how you’re getting there.
1) Put time in the diary to do it yourself firstly.
2) Then time in the diary to do it with the team. Hard to give others oxygen, if you’re struggling to breath yourself.
3) Then act on the opportunities.

Message me here if you’d like a copy of The Stocktaker worksheet to download and drill down into where the gaps might be currently be. It’s a super simple and easy to use worksheet to get you started.


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