Listening for Customer Wants, Desires, Fears and Frustrations

Back in July school holidays, we had the MOST amazing family holiday to Cairns and surrounds.

We’ve been before and this time was special.

We mixed up the wants and desires of family members.

We took care of fears and frustrations.

This meant – we had everyone’s needs met.

We had rest days / pool time between activities.

We enjoyed the night life and activities of the Cairns City Centre and Esplanade.

We made friends with random strangers poolside.

We got to know staff and laughed on tour and at the hotel.

We explored and experienced in a short period of time.

It was fun.

Your tourism guests, visitors, customers will all want different things from their experience whether as a region, an individual tour, attraction, cruise, dive, hotel, B&B, info centre, caravan park, car or van hire etc.

The wants, desires, fears and frustrations are articulated when you ask the right questions of guests and listen carefully to their answers.

Prior to booking, when researching and enquiring.

On booking, when finalised arrangements.

Prior to arrival, when clarifying or reconfirming.

During the stay or experience, when questioning, complaining or enquiring.

After the stay, when following up, giving feedback or re-booking?

After a period of time, when potentially…. The cycle begins again – they may refer you, or they may come and visit again.

How are you and the team listening for and taking note of the wants, desires, fears and frustrations?

Or are you pre-supposing you already know them?

Always worth asking, one might never know.

A big shout out to Experience Co and Cairns Colonial Club particularly for special mentions these holidays.





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