Little Touches make a Big Difference


It was a simple green blanket. Not sure if it was the choice of green or the texture and warmth it exuded, however, I let out a very large sigh of relief and pleasure walking into this hotel room.

In fact, there were many sighs of pleasure during this recent stay in regional NSW, because it exceeded expectations in so many marvellous ways.

Firstly, the first meal was to die for, in fact, I commented to the chef himself, how beautifully cooked the steak was – done to perfection. The subsequent meals, breakfasts, lunches, and afternoon teas were ALL delicious.

Secondly, the attention and service received as a facilitator onsite before an event is remarkable. It was all a hands-on deck. Everyone helped, communicating, checking, and rechecking to ensure the event went off without a hitch. And it did.

Thirdly, the equipment in the gym – normally would be the first to jump on the ‘racing’ bike for a workout, but with an injury, the ‘seated’ bike was a better choice. These bikes sat side by side, clean and well-cared for, giving the customer the choice – rather than one old and clunky model. The wide variety of other machines and equipment to use, also showcased that the health and well-being of guests is prioritised and it’s not just about ‘a service’.

Finally (although not last as there were several more examples), despite the fact that they are regionally based and staffing is an issue, every single staff member went above and beyond. This was about 12 different faces during the course of a 2-night / 3-day stay. An example of this included a personalised transfer back to the airport, a see-off, and coming back again soon.

WOW, 5*Experience at The Remington in Orange.

Yes, the rooms are great, the restaurant beautiful, event rooms ideal, however, it was about the PEOPLE that made the experience what it was.

Do your staff go above and beyond?

Do you all think about the little things that will make the biggest difference?

What ways do you and your team prioritise “caring for the customer” and is it in word or in practice and being preached?

What are the ways you and the team solve problems and get past the glitches or big issues?

Does the care and skill ripple from the top down, does it filter through the departments?

Being a tourism leadership specialist, the thing that really made my heart sing was the rave review that the Group Manager was given. Often, when talking to staff, it’s in the silence that much can be heard, or there is actually negative speech about the leadership of a business. On the contrary, great leadership was evident by the several staff acknowledging and praising the leadership at the property.

So a final question, What does the team really say about you and your leadership? Do they mean it? Are they speaking their ‘truth’ or what they feel like they should say or is it coming from the heart?

Customers know, it warms their hearts.

Customers can feel great leadership as it is exuded by the staff in the way they work as individuals and together as a team.



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