Love Hate Time_LR

Love Hate Relationship with Time?

Love Hate Time_LR

Do you have a love/hate relationship with time?

Time is a precious commodity, one which we too easily give away and can never get back.

What’s your thing with time?

Is it the wasted time in meetings (online or in person), going around in circles because people aren’t prepared, aren’t contributing or are reluctant or avoiding decision-making?

Do you feel like you never have enough time?

Or is it more the confusion, lack of clarity and poor communication, that’s chewing up time?

As a leader it’s vital to ensure we’re respectful of our own time and that of others.

Being prepared, having agendas, decision-making strategies, planning, follow-through, follow-up, brainstorming, a clear intention, purpose and outcomes for meetings – will help enormously.

Make the most of your time this week.

And if you do find yourself spinning your wheels, going around in circles, if you haven’t already got a copy of the Leadership Maximiser Tool, then download it here today.

In it, I share, some of our favourite ‘time’ savers to gain you back clarify and confidence when leading team and business.

Love your time this week.


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3. Let’s get the team together

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