Managing the Whelm

How good are you at doing the ‘Whelm’? My client Sally has been great at it lately. It’s the feeling when it’s all too much, when the to-do list has gotten so big, it’s beyond unmanageable.

We call it the Whelm.

It starts to take over everything and impacts sleep, focus, energy and productivity.

Think about it on a scale of 1-10.

If you’re hitting a;

  • 9-10 feeling it’s High Whelm
  • 7-8 feeling it’s Over Whelm
  • 5-6 feeling it’s Whelm
  • 3-4 feeling it’s Low Whelm
  • 1-2 feeling it’s No Whelm

And let’s be honest there are levels that are simply too much whelm, because it’s debilitating and stop us functioning at our best in our leadership roles.

Maybe for you, unlike Sally, where everything was triggering her, perhaps it’s only a few things in your role that get to you. I get triggered by 1 particular thing lately.

Do you know your one thing, something or is it many things?

Again being able to name it, label, means the overwhelm isn’t you, it’s not a part of you, it’s separate to you and it’s the way in which you’re reacting and responding to situations, conversations, events or experiences.

Is it time to stop doing the Whelm? To calm it down.

Here are my favourite 10 tips for reducing the Whelm.

  • Stop Pause & PQ (Use your positive intelligence skillset)
  • Hydrate and give your brain the much needed water it wants in times of stress and pressure.
  • Oxygenate and give your brain the much needed oxygen it requires to function well
  • Sleep when you can, work on napping over the weekend, re-filling the tank, going to bed earlier. Take 10/15/20 mins at work and have power pauses. There may not be a bed to lie on, however you might need to gracefully find somewhere to have your powerpause.
  • Shut tech down and no looking at it before bed.
  • Make your meetings 45-50 minutes only (literally in Outlook – change the timing)
  • Delegate agenda’s or meeting lead to others in the business to help them upskill
  • Have you done a brain dump recently and chunked the project/department priorities? Do the goal posts keep moving or is everyone putting out fires and running around like crazies?
  • What’s your next One Thing? And just do that.
  • Have you asked for help lately? Help can come in many forms and it’s ok to ask for it.
  • If you want some help on well-being, people leadership and business recovery, we’re your Go-To here at The Art of Extraordinary. Let us know if we can help.


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