Managing Your Mindset

Leadership Lessons from Barty and Nadal.

Wow what a couple of weeks of tennis! Extraordinary viewing.

Whether you’re into tennis or not, there has been so much to learn from watching these professional athletes in action. Their ability to overcome challenges, dig deep, fight back, stay calm, maintain or regain their composure, to be strategic, focused and clear-headed, to adapt the game plan and so much more…

With February underway now… what balls have you already been thrown?

Have the shots gone your way?

Or have you found yourself already starting to sweat (our summer heat and humidity aside), struggle or scream?

Elite athletes will all attest to the absolute benefits and importance of their mindset and the very mental game that tennis (and other sports) are. Winning grand slams is far more than technical & physical expertise. Look at Nadal for that, 2 sets down and didn’t even know a few months prior whether he’d even be able to play tennis (due injury) – what a remarkable achievement to win the AU Open. And Barty – she gets on court and means business. Her placement and consistency absolutely remarkable throughout this past 2 weeks of tennis.

Business Leadership is so much more than P&L statements, reporting, team or board meetings, production etc.

Whilst there may be many road blocks on your way to success in 2022, much uncontrollable and ever changing in the months ahead, what can remain a constant, is your ability to manage your mindset.

It matters most, because it’s not the event, situation or conversation itself, it’s all about the way in which we react, respond and act – that counts.

We’re not necessarily born with mental fitness, like athletes train their bodies, they train their minds too.

In a couple of weeks, we’re kicking off our next Mental Fitness for Leaders program. This course hones your skill and capability as a Leader to;

– Stay disciplined with the routines, rituals and habits that help you be a productive and effective leader

– Communicate calmly and clearly, intentionally even in the most challenging of times with the variety of stakeholders in your world, whether team members, peers, colleagues, senior management, board, suppliers etc.

– Be assertive, decisive and a laser focused action-taker – no more avoiding the hard stuff 😉

– Embrace systems, process and structure that helps you, the team and business perform efficiently and achieve desired outcomes

– Brainstorm and problem-solve by finding options, solutions and possibility. It’s about seeing things from a different perspective

– Reconnect with your vision and purpose as a Leader.

It’s very easy at the moment to get caught up in the day to day, doing what’s expected, demanded and needed. It’s easy to focus on the negative and struggle to find the positive. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and who we’re being. Critical elements to staying in the game right now.

Our mental fitness program is an intimate group environment designed to help you be focused, calm and clear-headed, no matter what the pace, quantity and variety of balls are fired your way in 2022.

Please DM me for further details.

P.S Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways I can help you develop and work on your business leadership capabilities:

  1. Download a free copy of The Leadership Maximiser Tool, a detailed Productivity and Performance Experience
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  1. Join our next Mental Fitness for Leaders Program
    Helping leaders develop their skills for well-being, relationship and conflict management, productivity and peak performance in the workplace. If you’d like to work with me on your business leadership skills to ensure high engagement, accountability and results for and across the team…message PQ to me here and I’ll get you all the details.
  1. Let’s get the whole team together
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