Nature or Nurture

Nature or Nurture

There is nothing like school holidays and the juggle of working life and motherhood to test one’s mental. It’s when I’m both at my best and my worst. All of my best traits can shine through and all of my worst too. And by worst I mean ugly. When I’m stressed, I get mean, snappy, impatient, and in a really bad moment, cruel. It’s not really very fair to kids, however fortunately with tweens/teens, it actually leads to some magnificent conversations about human behaviour.

We talk about concepts:

  • There is no perfect only progress.
  • We are not our behaviours.
  • Our behaviours are a reflection of our thinking.
  • It’s not the event, situation, circumstance or conversation itself, it’s actually about the way in which we react, respond and act that is key.

We talk about the keys. The keys to understanding human behaviour.

There is an element that is nature. How we’re born and our innate personality.

Then there is the element of nurture. That’s the environment we’re growing up in and the way we are influenced by those around us.

So whether you’re juggling school holidays or business, as usual, take a moment to ponder these questions:

What impact are you having on the nurturing of others?

Do you understand their innateness (in-built personality)?

Does it rub you the wrong way because they’re so different from you?

Or perhaps so similar?

Do you understand the value you have to nurture and are you using a one-size-fits whole team approach or tailor-making your approach to the individual?

Enjoy the upcoming Easter break!



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