The No. 1 Key to Success for High Performing Teams


There are so many life and business lessons to learn from watching sports teams perform.

What works well, what doesn’t.

Why they lose and why they win.

It’s fascinating and it’s in front of us all day long with a diverse range of sports being played around the world 24/7.

I reckon one of the key attributes to success, in fact, I think it’s the No.1 attribute to creating success is consistency.

No team will win if they aren’t diligently putting in the consistent effort day after day, week after week and month after month. Learning from their mistakes, picking themselves up after those epic battles and losses, finding the heart to go again, to dig deep and win, or to keep on at it despite being smashed.

Similarly, no individual wins without being consistent across all fronts either.

So how does your team at work track when it comes to consistency?


How consistent are you at?

·      Setting and keeping meeting times?

·      Keeping those meetings efficient and effective?

·      Providing feedback to your team, as a group and individually?

·      Scheduling regular performance reviews?

·      Gathering together as a team for fun, for feedback or for brainstorming?

·      Being committed to improving culture?

·      Challenging the status quo to keep the business innovative and forward-moving?

·      Keeping to schedule sales and marketing activities?

·      Proactively following up on new leads for the business?

·      Opening your door or perhaps closing it and getting on with your own work?

·      Focusing on improving and excelling at customer service?

·      Delegating and letting team members run with projects?

·      Picking up the phone and calling business opportunities you haven’t connected with in a long while?


It’s easy to think we’re pretty good with consistency, like a set of rose-colored glasses, until we take the glasses off and actually answer a few home truths about where we, as a team and as a business really sits with consistency.

So is it time for you to ask the question?

How well do you and/or your team track with consistency?

It’s important to, not just to think about it in the broad sense, because again, you’ll probably see things with those rose-colored glasses on.

Take them off and look at the specific areas of the business that apply to you and the team.


Take a moment now and ask yourself in the various areas of the business…

  • Are you able to measure consistency?
  • How well are you and the team tracking at it?
  • What needs to be tweaked and improved?


Remember key areas of the business can include the following departments:

Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Business Development, Administration, Finance, Customer Service, Product Development, Production, IT Support, Legal, Purchasing or Supply (Adapt these to your environment)

In the words of Will Durant “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Sporting teams that excel do so because they have created habits of excellence.

They do them time after time, again and again.

What habits do you and your team need to work on to be really winning in business?


Genevieve “Consistent” Matthews


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