No Pain no Gain

Effort and hardwork

It’s an old adage, that has been around for ever, and it is important. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills or such thing as overnight success. Those who want the easy route or to take the express train, for those that expect to be able to jump the queue and arrive at their ‘destination’ whether that be a title on a business card, certain quantity of $ in the bank account or looking for the illusive promise of work/life balance…. you’ll be disappointed. No short cuts or express train exists, even those already very successful will admit to the blisters, the blood, the tears and the hard yakka it has taken to get them where they are today.

Those on the journey and wondering. Model success. Find your mentors be that in health, at work, in relationships, in business. Ask them what they’ve done and as you hear their stories, ensure you notice the thinking behind their behaviours. What have they valued? What have they believed and what has been their attitude? For it is here when you notice the thinking, that you can truly model success and drive your own train down any track you choose.

Discover their secrets, because success leaves clues.



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