Overriding Negative Thoughts

Leadership is busy enough as it is without wasting valuable time either physical hours or brain space on replaying or rehashing conversations, giving ourselves a tough time or wishing/hoping that others would actually be able to mind-read and do what we want without us actually saying it! Or saying it and it goes pear-shaped, ending up making matters worse.

Have you ever had that happen?

Some of us let the negativity take over and we might be somewhat or slightly irritated. Others can end up heading straight to full blown fury. Others sit somewhere in between. Regardless of the extreme, it can leads to really unhealthy conversations and behaviours in the workplace.

People being rude, impatient, demanding, controlling, avoiding, lazy, complacent, anxious etc

A great business culture is created by the collective mindsets individuals have.

If you have individuals on the team who don’t yet know how to override their negative thoughts, how to deal with them and understand what’s going on, you’ll be noticing it on the team?

If you as a leader haven’t yet mastered or have a deep understanding of your negative thoughts, you’re going to be wasting time and inefficient with decision-making, handling conflict, effective communication etc.

We call it being able to ‘Intercept’ and ‘Switch’.

Picture a train coming down the train line at a fast pace, it’s got a bit out of control and it’s going to end up badly if it goes into the station. There is a ‘SWITCH’ mechanism to move it to a different train line.

We can do that too.

When our thoughts aren’t serving us, are unhelp and hindering our progress. We can intercept these and switch train lines (neural pathways). We actually have the ability to choose, which direction that train heads, it’s pace and its impact.

It’s a very useful tool to have as a leader.

It has a very powerful impact.

On how engaged our people are around us and with us.

On how well we react, respond and interact.

How well and healthy the relationships are with our team, peers, colleagues and more senior leaders to us.

And how productive, effective and efficient we actually are with our hours, days and weeks which turn to months, years and decades.

How well can you override your negative thoughts?
Do you already know your triggers and how to intercept and switch?
Are you aware of what you don’t yet know triggers you…?



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