Positively Patient

Like many after 2 years of avoiding it, Covid entered the house in March. We all got it. Hit heavy and hard. So many lessons from the journey around patience and perseverance. Also a timely reminder about one’s own mortality and putting the oxygen mask on self first. Whilst many have experienced mild even no symptoms, there was nothing mild about our version. For the kids or myself. With many days in bed, there was a lot of thinking time, however unlike normal, I couldn’t put pen to paper, didn’t open the computer and now several weeks on, only just feel inspired to write again.

Patience is a wonderful quality. According to good old google – it means the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

No matter what you’re dealing with at home or at work. A good dose of Patience is likely the ideal cure to helping you understand, manage and overcome a lot of the challenges on the doorstep currently.

The patience is particularly for those of us high achievers, perfectionists, controllers, sticklers or the restless. Because life and people may not live up to our expectations, things are never perfect. Life is perfectly imperfect, we cannot control everything, 80% might actual need to be as accurate as it’s going to get and the distraction of other things will have to wait. Focus on one job at a time.

So my one job today is to press send on this post, so with that, I wish you well.

I hope, if you and your family are crook, that you have a speedy recovery. If you have team members down, neighbours or friends, share the love, compassion and be patient.

Get well soon and stay well.



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