Prioritising Training for Tourism Teams

If I said to you “Your tourism team is going to be entered into Sydney half or marathon in September”! What would you say?


  • Some of the team would never be able to run that far by then.
  • Some of the team if they got training today, they’d make it.
  • Some of the team are probably fit enough to run it now or with these months ahead, they’ll nail it.

Weirdly when it comes to sports fitness, people are more knowledgeable around what they should/shouldn’t be eating (not that we follow it).

They’re even more aware of what level of fitness they’ve got or not and what could be possible.

I find it oddly interesting, when it comes to work fitness, not every business leader’s across how fit their team is or isn’t. They have a vague knowing or feeling, they get frustrated, cranky maybe. They know there are gaps, they know certain people are great at X and some are rubbish at Y. However they don’t have a system for measuring and auditing skill and capability.

Usually results and performance are only measured on one of two different numbers and generally there is a $ symbol in front of it.

Sadly, there is rarely a training and development plan in place for individuals, departments or across whole of business that helps everyone know what the goals are, what training they need to do to achieve those goals and why the results are so important. Even more importantly they’re rarely given the precise roadmap on what skills and capability areas to focus on first, then next and then next.

I mean we all intellectually know we could be fitter and the said health benefits, yet we don’t always do it. Not everyone. Would you know specifically what you’d need to work on most in order to run a half or full marathon?

Are you intellectually aware that you and the team could be fitter in the work sense, yet similarly don’t have a roadmap and know specifically what capability areas to work on?

Reasons you may not have a training roadmap:

  • You think it’s not important?
  • You’re unsure what to start with first?
  • You may not know how?
  • Other obstacles always get in the way? Like no time, lack of $, no staff, or untrained staff taking up your time.

Is there always an excuse that stops you and the team from training and getting fitter?

Like with our health, we can always continue to make excuses, there will always be something else to blame or use as a reason not to start training.

What excuses would you need to stop with, in order to start prioritising capability development training for your tourism team?


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