Ready to Present

Ready to Present

Ready to Present

Getting ready this week for a Customer Service training for a team in-house. Thought you might like a few ideas for getting ready to present whether it’s a 1-1 meeting, team meeting, workshop, board meeting etc.

Do you ever find yourself stressed out and anxious about having to present?

Or perhaps a little under the pump and so planning goes out the window?

Regardless of the presentation format, here’s my go-to 4 P’s Technique which never fails. Whether I have weeks of preparation or only an hour. FYI – in terms of ‘presentation’ – insert your word for whatever function/event/situation you’re needing to get ready for.


What is the desired outcome of the ‘presentation’?
What goals do you want to achieve?
What’s important to think about? Audience, organiser, time frame, room layout, experience etc.
What are the key points to get across? Do a brain dump, no order is needed, throw it onto paper.


Get your thoughts organised with 4MAT. It might vary slightly depending on the style of presentation. It always has the WHY, the WHAT, the HOW and then either the WHO / NOW or maybe even the WHAT IF. Ask for more details, if you haven’t heard of this before.


Once you’ve got your thoughts / content into the sections, then get up and start practicing. In the car, in the bathroom, in the boardroom or hallway. Rehearse some of the key questions, statements, quotes and stories. I’m a big story-teller to help teams and audiences learn, to create buy-in, rapport and achieve results, so get creative and dramatic with sharing stories, experience or expertise.


Get up and work your magic. Remember the importance of your physiology (body language), your tone and words. The power of the pause is essential for effect. Never feel you have to ‘rescue’ your audience, allow them time to contribute, come up with answers or for information to sink in. Less is often more. Acknowledge, be inclusive and connect. If your nerves give you grief, that’s ok, rest assured you won’t go up in flames. Nerves are a natural part of staying on your toes, giving your best, so focus on being VERY present and in the moment.

Best get back to my 4P’s for this upcoming workshop.

Reach out if you want to work on any upcoming presentations or improve your meeting technique or facilitation skills.


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