Retaining, Training or Harnessing Talent

There are a lot of conversations about mass resignations happening in the US. Will Australia face it too? Has it started already? The tourism industry is also currently struggling to find people and fill roles. Some businesses are slicing and dicing to be leaner and meaner than ever before, regardless of longevity, loyalty and commitment across the last few years.

Whilst there are variables across business size, growth phase and industry, a very particular common thread of conversation is the question, how can we retain our talent, especially in tourism?

Are you already too late?

Once people have made up their mind, it’s often a smidge late… the boat has been missed? What percentage of the team have already checked out, are already looking, applying for jobs and in final stages?

Or are they feeling the exhaustion, wanting out, yet still too busy in their day to day, likely both physically and mentally, to put the energy and attention into starting to search?

Are they certainty creatures? The risks associated with departing exceed the current pain they’re experiencing where they’re at? They’re ok with the status quo?

Are they neither happy nor unhappy, so if something else comes along it might pique their interest?

Are they with you and taking turns driving the bus? You can see, hear and feel their commitment and passion. They’re kicking goals and achieving outcomes.

Again, like the variables across businesses, individuals vary too. They will be at different stages, whether they’ve only been with you for weeks, months, years, or decades even.

A one-sized approach doesn’t fit

That’s why it’s critical to consider and ask yourself, how are we retaining, training and harnessing our tourism business’ talent? Because what Mary, Bill or Lisa could need is very different. And if you haven’t got an approach or simple solution for identifying, understanding and harnessing talent, it might end up too late.

Likewise if it’s about bringing the ideal talent into the business or organisation, are you very clear on the needs of the business to ensure you’re aligning talent requirement and invitement? He he he, I’ve made that word up, however it begs the question, are you inviting the ideal talent into the business?

What approach are you using?

Genevieve ‘Trainer’ Matthews

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