Running on the Smell of an Oily Rag

Every heard this expression ‘Running on the Smell of an Oily Rag’? It was a saying my old boss used to use when we talked about her doing 70 hour weeks. I’d often wonder “How is it that she is still standing? It can’t be that healthy?”

Unfortunately it’s an easy trap to fall into. It’s very common for business owners and leaders to operate on a near empty tank.

Many are smashed, burnt out and so drained from being all things to everyone else. Looking after clients, customers, business, shareholders, stakeholders and team… yet, the one person they’re not taking enough care off, is themselves. Now in fairness, it’s very understandable.

There are lots of priorities to focus on!

Do you know someone like that?

Is this you?

Is everything else being put first?

Life is busy, there is lots to do and our attentions are being pulled in all directions.

It’s very easy to prioritise everyone else first, particularly when you’re all about achievement, results, action, progress, growth etc.

However at the moment it’s important to value HEALTH.

When you’re taking care of HEALTH, it encapsulates so much:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Healthy relationship
  • Healthy bank balance
  • Healthy home
  • Healthy family
  • Healthy business
  • Healthy team

The list is long…

And right now with COVID and the very real reality of MULTIPLE aspects of our heath being under the microscope, no doubt Health is a FRONT of MIND topic for you.

How are you choosing being healthy, refilling and refuelling the tank?

Oxidative Stress plays a big part in how well our body and mind can function. If you’re feeling depleted, tired, and lethargic and really not sleeping well, and it’s impacting all aspects of you being HEALTHY, then it could be that you have very high levels of Oxidative Stress in your body. We can reduce it by 40% in 30 days and up to 70% across 90 days.

Imagine how much better you could be feeling then.

Ready to recharge and refuel?



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