Seizing Opportunities: Unleashing the Potential of Existing Talent for Tourism Business Growth

As the entire industry grapples with global staff shortages, I’d like to suggest it’s time to shift perspective and embrace a new approach.

Rather than fixating on shortages, and the constant search for new staff, what about if the focus could be on the untapped potential existing within current team members?

Are we fully aware of the unique skills and aspirations hidden within our workforce?

What behaviours could possibly be different with empowering feedback, development and accountability?

Engaging in conversations with existing employees could unveil a treasure trove of talent and opportunity waiting to be unleashed.

Seize this opportunity to invest in your team’s growth.

By offering personalised development plans, we can empower staff to take charge of their professional journey. Similarly we can drive the agenda for the business by aligning individual and business needs.

Remember, an empowered team will be more focused and committed to steering the business towards success.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, fixed job roles can become a hindrance.

Are we encouraging cross-functional collaboration to embrace the spirit of adaptability?

Empowering staff to explore diverse roles creates a dynamic environment of constant learning and innovation.

Just because things have historically been done a certain way, doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be.

Uncovering where mindset blocks hold staff back from growth and development is key because they may not have been provided the opportunity in the past. In fact that may well have been told to “stay in their box”. Growth, thinking for oneself, or any initiative has been discouraged, so showcasing or showing talents may be scary for fear of being put down or told to stay down!

It happens.

By asking the right questions and being open to conversation and development opportunities, we can truly unleash the full potential of our existing talent, driving remarkable growth even amidst the toughest challenges. Even when very short staffed and under the pump.

Are you ready to seize these opportunities and lead the way towards a stronger, more resilient and empowered tourism team?



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