Shifting the Focus to Dynamics, rather than Tactics and Strategy

Team not hitting the numbers? Struggling with some complex people issues? So under the pump, you sometimes feel like you can’t breathe some days?

Whilst our natural comfort zone might be to keep pushing the tactics and strategy.

Please stop.

Maybe it’s time to work on dynamics.

Often overlooked, focusing on team dynamics is the fastest way to nail the numbers.

A myriad of personalities, and varying behaviours – it’s the complex world of humanness that we live in.

We’re dealing with humans.

Helping humans will help you achieve the numbers.

For that to happen, it’s essential to know how to manage your competing priorities, how to harness the team’s capabilities, and be an articulate and effective communicator.

Team dynamics is ultimately understanding how the team are feeling and relating to each other.

Whilst you’ll see behaviours, what’s the thinking that creates these behaviours, the dynamics that are working or not working?

For example, a few questions to ask?

In what ways do individuals and the team sabotage themselves?

Are the numbers relatable, relevant, and realistic for individuals, departments, and the whole team?

Do people actually know how to manage their time or feel constantly stressed, drawn into meetings and more meetings, never actually able to have chunks of quality time to work on their plan and take action?

Are there identified strengths and gaps that are on a development plan to celebrate and work on? Or is avoidance the current strategy that means people (or you) are constantly peeved because a colleague or staff member cannot do x or y and they’re not being helped or called out on it?

As a leader are you coaching high performance or is the business ok with average?

Are you a persuasive presenter, whether it’s corridor conversations or a half-day team meeting able to clearly communicate to and across the team?

Is the essential feedback given and received, or once again do you avoid or do the dance of desperation around keeping someone, even though there are problems, because at least it’s a bum on a seat?

What is the approach to driving accountability with individuals, teams, and the whole business? Is it a word on a wall, or lived through daily habits and consistency to get the best out of the team?

If you and the team aren’t jumping for joy and it feels more like a 4-6 out of 10 instead of a 7-8 out of 10 currently, (10 is the team dynamics are amazing and 1 is the dynamics are terrible)…

Then pose the above questions, highly likely a few tweaks in one or more of these areas will help nudge your numbers up.

And if it’s something you know you need a hand on….. DM me here.





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