Recently whilst on-boarding a new client to our Excelerator Program, we were talking through her team dynamics. Who is on the team. What they’re like. What’s working really well and what’s not.

Here’s what she realised in the conversation…

Some of her team are great. They’re committed, focused, get the work done and they understand it. ‘It’ being the reason why the business exists and the part they play. They’re showing-up.

A couple of the team are kind of there… you know they’re turning up at work, but some days it feels more like it’s their own show. You know, they become the star of the play. It’s more about them than the customer or company. Ever experienced that with people on your team? It’s also known as the silo effect. These people can be quite good at doing their thing, and get on with it, however sometimes it’s more about them (or their department) than the business as a whole. They don’t think bigger picture. Company, teamwork is less of a strength. Not every day, but some days, it really feels like it’s more about them… than you (as the business leader), the business or even the clients and customers!

Then she has one team member that it’s constantly a show down with. They’re always attempting to justify their existence, blame or needing to defend ‘their status quo’. It ends up quite exhausting, feels like you’re on a battlefield with swords out, or you’re needing to mediate and negotiate with 2 year olds, rather than 20+ years of age. These team members take up tonnes of energy. It can be tempting to try to micro-manage them or keep poking them along with the cattle-prod to keep them moving or it sometimes feels like being mum as you break up yet another dispute or tantrum or deal with teen mood swings.

Then she has a couple of no-shows. They turn up in person yet they’re just not there…they’re not getting it, whether common sense, skill set, attitude is diabolical. They really haven’t got it and are not a match for the business or team.

Maybe for you, you may not even have the No Show’s on your team yet? Because you haven’t hired them. You’re a team of 1. Or they could be the roles you haven’t filled yet or you could be over-compensating for? Yup, you know doing it all yourself?

Ever feel like your team isn’t really showing up? Remember they’re there in person, yet they’re not there in the way that serves the business and it’s clients best.

If you were to think about every member on the team…

You may want to include those in your physical working environment, those who work remotely or virtually, part-time or full time perhaps include your suppliers, other directors, partners etc.

Now give them a rating 0/10 if they’re a complete NO-SHOW and up to a 10/10 if they are fully SHOWING-UP.

Where are the majority of your team sitting?

Are they really on the team?

Or are they all talk and no action?

All action and not much talk?

No talk and no action?

Is it time to go from woe team to pro team?

Genevieve “Let’s talk Team” Matthews



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