Specific Steps to Success

With the end of June around the corner, it’s the ideal time for checking in and asking “Are we set for success for 22/23?”.

Whilst things had been very challenging through and with Covid, Matty and her team had been able to get things back on track and refocused particular across the last 8 months. When we were reflecting together during our recent 22/23 Set for Success session, she said there were a couple of keys elements that really helped her and the team nail it.

Here’s what she said;

‘Despite the toughest period of business and life really personally and professionally for most of us, we had a clear vision for where we wanted to get the business back to. We set our goals, we had a plan and we took action. Gen, your work with us was pivotal for making it happen. Thank you!”

Success is not rocket science.

There are specific steps to take to make it happen.

The simpler you and the team keep them, the better.

What part of this process is most challenging for you and the team?

Creating the vision, setting goals, writing the plan, or taking the action.

For many business leaders and their teams, the challenge lies in the action, doing the action – the actions – that support and align to those intended goals, vision, and plan.

For others it’s about being able to get out of the day-to-day, to think bigger picture, longer-term and actually having clarity about the vision, goals, and plan is where it’s more tricky…?

Which is it for you?

Are you able to articulate and bring the vision to life?

Can you and the team play hard and kick goals?

Do individuals and teams have the capability to follow the plan, tweak and adapt it, if required along the way?

With the new financial year approaching, are you on track? Do you have your steps in place to ensure (no matter what this year ahead brings) that you and the team are ready?

Are you all on the same page with standards clearly articulated?

Are you Set for Success?

Reach out if you and the team could benefit from a ‘time-out’ to work on business and the steps for making 22/23 the best possible year it can be!



P.S Never let the anxiety or fears overcome your true purpose, intent, or desired outcomes. Stay focused on who it’s for and why it matters.

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