Speed of Recovery

There are many reasons teams are slow at recovering from challenges, and yet SPEED of RECOVERY is one of the most important factors for high-performance teams.

At no point, can we ever say it’ll be smooth sailing and clear skies? Every business has its challenges, as every team does, and so it’s not about wishing or hoping things won’t go wrong.

It’s all about improving a team’s speed of recovery so they can pick themselves back up despite the challenges, and quickly recover and get back to doing their do.

Some of the common reasons speed might be slow are;

  • Lack of tolerance for each other’s differences, and so they ‘hold’ onto issues, grudges, and resentment, and won’t let go (for a long time).
  • Lack of empathy, and the ability to forgive, move forward and show understanding.
  • Lack of respect. They really don’t like each other. I’m all for teams not having to be friends, however FRIENDLY is key.
  • Lack of Positive Intelligence that enables a team to take on feedback for mistakes and issues, find the learnings, and growth opportunities, and re-focus calmly and positively

A slow team is not a growing team. They’re a bit stuck in old ways, old thinking, and old habits.

A growth team has the ability to be a PRO-TEAM.

They’re on their way, and with you helping them develop their speed of recovery through working on great communication and accountability, you’ll absolutely see a shift in how quickly they can overcome issues, move through challenges and come out the other side effects.

It’s powerful and amazing to watch, and very rewarding as a leader to be empowering a PRO-TEAM like that.

How speedily does your team recover?

Or are you finding the frustration, resentment, doubt, anger, distraction, procrastination or blame overtake and slow the team right down?

Let me know,





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