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Facing Difficult Conversations

Here’s a few ideas on how to stop avoiding the difficult Conversations and be courageous for constructive conversations instead! Are you needing to have a conversation with someone? It could be a business discussion or something personal. It’s on your mind. It’s been niggling, bugging you and you’ve been putting it off? Firstly – ask…

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Overcoming Presenting Nerves

“Staring out across the audience, I could feel the nerves wanting to take over, the feeling of dread coming back into the pit of my stomach… NO, I said to myself, you’ve got this. I focused on the far wall of the room, just slightly above everyone’s head and breathed, in and out, in and…

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Love Hate Time_LR

Love Hate Relationship with Time?

Do you have a love/hate relationship with time? Time is a precious commodity, one which we too easily give away and can never get back. What’s your thing with time? Is it the wasted time in meetings (online or in person), going around in circles because people aren’t prepared, aren’t contributing or are reluctant or…

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