Team Culture under Pressure


Rain, rain, go away and come again another day!

Depending on where you are in the world, you may or may not have experienced, yet again another ‘rain’ event. It’s testing our metal here in Sydney, as everything is very wet and very soggy. This morning despite the torrential downpour, girls and parents hit the road early and made it to the pitch, ready for warm-up at 8 am.

Interestingly, on the opposition side, only 4 showed up. The team went on to forfeit. Many messaging in, only moments before the game to say not coming out in the crazy weather. It was a really fascinating example of team culture.

Let’s talk endurance, communication and commitment.

Think about it in the business sense;

How much are you and the team prepared to endure? How much have you gone through in the last few years and possibly still going through? At the beginning of Covid, it was resilience and overcoming adversity. Now it is all about endurance! How to keep on keeping on through the fatigue (rain) and handling the constant ongoing pressure (wind).

This morning’s opposition could have handled themselves as a team very differently. Coach and/or Manager might have made the definitive call earlier, communicated with our team, or perhaps even all turned up regardless of the rain. Because as the rules go, the game goes on regardless of rain, we were playing on synthetic grass and funnily enough the rain cleared at 8.30 on the dot. So the game would consist of and could have been a cracker.

Current times are certainly testing everyone’s endurance, communication and commitment.

How does your team track?

What was even more special about our team this morning was that the coach called for the girls to have a training session and play 5 on 5. They had a fantastic training run and practice together. So whilst it could have been a negative, he made it a really positive and the girls went home happy, feeling fit and had a great start to the day.

All teams are different and have unique qualities.

Endurance, communication and commitment are critical to making a fabulous team culture.

Which one does your team need to be better at, do more of or differently?


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