The Core Discipline required to Create rather than Consume

Talking to a lot of leaders lately and there is a lot uncertainty, a lot of doubt, overwhelm, people getting distracted, and a real sense of uncertainty.

A feeling of doubt around trusting one’s own capabilities.

It’s leaders saying, “I’m not sure if I’m making the right decision here.”

And it’s the consumption of everything that’s going on or feeling consumed by it all.

It’s a real feeling – that’s it too much, it’s really big at the moment, very intense and enormous.

Remember this really applies far and wide; for self, for team, for the business, for clients and customers, okay? The community, your greater tribe if we can call it that right now.

So, I want you think about if you’re in a place of creating, you’re actually very focused on problem solving.

Because you’re focusing on what’s needed, you’re probably unconsciously asking the question; what can I create here?

What’s the environment we can create?

What are the systems that we could create?

What are the actions? What do we need to implement on here?

And who are the people that do that best?

 All for the purpose of being a problem solver right now.

So your decisions need to be thinking about being effective for the problems that need solving right now.

And for someone that is overwhelmed by it all, it is enormous.

Let’s peel pull back the layers of the onion. And really think about what core decision, what key decision, what important decision can “I make right now” that will help get the momentum going, okay?

I have a really great model called The Momentum Formula. And very happy to share that with you if that will help you really be purposeful about your decision making right now. Because, if you really get bogged down by consuming, whether it’s media, whether it’s feedback from other people, confusion because you’re listening to too many other advisors or advice right now. Then it would be very easy to get really consumed by it all and then confused. Basically confused ‘because it a bit of an overload.

So really think about your key decisions right now around a few specific areas of business that will help with the momentum, okay?

So, please POST the word MOMENTUM below if you would like to get hold of the Momentum Formula. And happy to share that worksheet with you to put this to practice today.

Would love to know what are you are creating right now?

What is that you’ve been working on to help solve problems right now?

Please stay in a great space of creating, rather than consuming. And it’s your decision making, the key, if you can be really disciplined about that right now, that will be key for you.

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