The Top 10 Tendencies Obstructing Human High Performance

Recently delivered several workshops on this topic, and we discussed specifically the Top 10 Tendencies that are obstructing human high performance. Particularly impacting workplace culture, routines and habits, communication, competitiveness, adherence to process/rules and so much more.

Each team that participated was fortunate enough to be in the ‘Pro-Team’ category (a 7-8/10), already a professional team, working well together and training to be even better. Getting together in these workshops to next level their professional skills to deliver on the goals and requirements of the businesses in 2023.

Here’s why it matters. Despite external challenges that we may or may not be able to influence, how we lead our teams and the way and which we as leaders and our teams react, respond and interact can be influenced.

This is because, we’re all human, we’re all able to grow and improve.

No. 1 – if we want to and No 2. – if we’re given the tools to know how to.

We know the tourism industry is facing big juicy chunky challenges right now.

And actually it always is.

However if we choose not to ‘next level’ the professionalism of the team, then we’re not taking charge of the one variable that we can and do have the opportunity to influence.

That is improving how we lead our people.

That means specifically improving the mindset and culture that the business shows up with each and every day interacting with visitors, guests and tourists. How the team react and respond to each other and situations, experiences that fill their hours, days and weeks.

The 10 tendencies that can obstruct high performance can be subtle or nasty and more extreme. They can wreck absolute havoc with teams who lack awareness of self and others, show no tolerance for differences or curiosity for better or different outcomes and have importantly if they have no ability to pick themselves up after mistakes, issues or problems. Speed of recovery is key.

How do you and your team do?

Want to find out more about the Top 10 Tendencies that might be obstructing your team’s high performance?

Message me here TOP 10 and then I’ll shoot you over a quick video I recently recorded.



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