Top 10 Triggers in the Workplace

Top 10 Triggers in the Workplace

Top 10 Triggers in the Workplace

Whether it’s for improving peak performance, peace of mind/wellness or healthy relationships, these top 10 triggers have an enormous impact in the workplace.  This year has certainly had its challenges and they continue…! Whilst we may not be able to control what is going on around us, we certainly have the opportunity to adjust how we respond and react.

Remember people are not their behaviours. Their behaviours are reflective of their thinking. Their thinking is influenced by their capacity – how well they respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.

Our thinking is impacted by the enormous stresses and pressures going on around us.

Some of us are more skilled at coping, managing, dealing with these, making a speedy recovery and some of us are less so.

In the words of Albert Einstein, ”Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think”.

We need to continually train our minds to think.

To educate ourselves, so we can learn and grow.

Here are the top 10 triggers that hinder individuals and teams in the workplace when these are over-used or and used to abuse:

  1. Judgement – judgmental and critical, laying blame or fault onto self, others or events and circumstances.
  2. Control – controlling and manipulative of people, conversations and situations.
  3. Hyper-achievement – over-functioning drive to achieve results, accolades or win at the cost of self or those around.
  4. Restlessness – jumping from one task or project to another, quickly, probably without completion, loves the variety and excitement.
  5. Perfectionism – pedantic about getting it right, to the enth degree and absolute accuracy.
  6. People pleasing – trying to keep everyone happy, no boundaries and ability to say no
  7. Hyper-Vigilance – concern about dangers and risk, sees problems everywhere and very cautious
  8. Avoidance – buries head in the sand, avoids conflict, tasks that are hard/painful, only does the easy stuff
  9. Suffering – either as victim or martyr complaining, takes no responsibility or accountability.
  10. Hyper-Rationalism – using only the logical mind instead of intuition, creativity or empathy in any way

When any or several of these are at play, they affect the way in which an individual and team can;

  • handle stress
  • be engaged
  • communicate
  • set boundaries
  • show initiative
  • take responsibility
  • organise themselves
  • be productive and plan
  • follow processes and systems
  • be creative and innovative
  • achieve results and kick goals
  • deliver on outcomes
  • stay aligned with the vision
  • be on purpose

If you recognise any of these for you and the team, or across several departments, perhaps it might be time to tackle some of it.

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