Top 4 Lessons from Life in Lockdown

No one is super human. We’re all human. In our house a few weeks ago blood was drawn. Just a quick momentary brain snap between both kids which resulted in an inch long fingernail scratch across a child’s face. It was so quick and happened in an instant. As I sat very calmly talking through the episode afterwards with them both. It was a reminder as a leader (whether at home or at work) we all have choice. We do get to choose how we respond. We are the adults. Kids are still learning.

When you see behaviours at home or in the workplace that drive you nuts, how do you choose to behave? For those work ones, is it because you’re seeing some child or teenage like response, meltdowns, tantrums, moody silence, is it a maturity thing?

We can’t change others, however we can adjust how we are being!

When someone is frustrating you enormously, how do you choose to behave?

When you’re feeling resentment, how do you choose to behave?

When someone has let you down and you’re disappointed, is it more about the expectations you have of yourself or that person in the moment? How do you choose to behave?

In those moments after the event, I remained calm and collected (secretly doing inner high fives honestly that I hadn’t lost my s%$#). Because historically it would have absolutely been one of those moments where I would have lost the plot at the kid’s behaviour.

However there are some critical things we’ve been working on to manage stress, to remain calm and resilient throughout this period both in our household. Likewise for with my team and in our business.

No. 1     Exercise is Critical

We’ve totally upped the ante on the exercise, fresh air, endorphins that are flowing through our bodies. The good chemicals that make us feel amazing. Am averaging 15.000 steps per day.

No. 2     Activate for Optimal Health

We’ve been doubling down on activating our bodies at deep cellular level, all natural and all about optimising our bodies and reducing the oxidative stress. It’s a normal process, always occurring and exacerbated at present with everything going on! Let me know if you want more info on oxidative stress, can send you a great video to watch.

No. 3     Strengthen the Mental Muscles

Having worked on the fundamentals of Mental Fitness to override the saboteur techniques that would normally fire up, take over and kill my calm, wise self. PQ repping (Postive Intelligence) is a 10 second physical, auditory or kinaesthetic activity that will interrupt the negative emotions that can lead to a rabbit warren of ineffective behaviours. I even talk about these basics with the kids so they too can learn how to handle their emotions, triggers, make healthy choices and a speedier recovery after adversity.

No. 4     Communicate Kindly

Communication is paramount. We talk it through. We seed-plant, we debrief, we discuss emotions, we discuss our similarities and our differences. We call out disrespect and unkindness. We’re honest. Hiding who we are or ignoring our sometimes much needed areas of growth, isn’t helpful. Whilst there is innateness to our personalities, it certainly isn’t who we are. We are all capability of growth and change. We can all do the work to be better humans. None of us are perfect, none of us are super human.

In fact we are all very human.

How are you and your team at home and/or at work going with these strange times?

Love from Sydney Lockdown,


P.S If you’re living the ‘normal’ dream, write back and share some highlights. Ground hog day here is just that… so love to hear what’s going on in your world. Locked or unlocked x

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