Two Great Fundamentals in Business

There are two absolutely fundamental requirements that I LOVE and ADORE in business. Both the Customer Journey and the Employee Experience. Both go hand in hand for ensuring engagement, retention, productivity and satisfaction. They’re also terrific for at the very least identifying the gaps and opportunities, which may still be a work-in-progress (possibly constantly) or on hold till budgets or the stars align.

It gets my creative juices flowing with clients when we sit (or stand) and explore, map and discover what’s currently in existence and working really well and then where the gaps, challenges and opportunities lie.

Both to better look after and serve potential new, old and existing clients/customers as well as how to hone and improve the employee journey and the experience each and every staff member is having, whether they’re wanting to be employed, a week in or 10 years employed.

Sometimes we do it as a stand up workshop armed with butchers paper and sticky notes, sometimes it’s via zoom and an online white board session. No matter the size of the business, a team of two or two hundred, it is still critical to understand the value and importance of clearly identifying, understanding and improving the journey for your employees and customers alike.

As I said earlier, they go hand in hand – because our business is nothing without customers and nothing without our employees either. We need both and both matter a HECK of A LOT.

Hence, I get very very VERY passionate about this subject.

Are you? Does it get your creative juices flowing? Or is it a foreign concept?

Do you already have a Customer Journey Map and an Employee Experience Framework?

Or could it be time to take a closer look, review and reflect on opportunities for improvement?

Love to partner with you on exploring these two fundamentals.



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