Weekend Habits that Set You Up for a Great Week

Weekend Habits that Set You Up for a Great Week

Do you ever get to the end of the weekend and feel exhausted, disorganised, and in a complete state, wishing instead that you could start the week organised and calm, instead of playing catch-up?

There are a few key strategies that successful leaders use to make the most of their weekends and set themselves up for weekday success.

Here are some of my favorites.


1 – Do things that you love on the weekend

A sense of joy and fulfillment comes from doing things that we love. Whether that’s watching kids’ sports, going for a bush walk, seeing a show, catching up on a Netflix series, or relaxing with friends and family. It’s important to ensure that you have some time mapped out for doing the things that you love.


2 – Prioritise self-care

This is particularly important for busy leaders that run on a lot of adrenaline and high cortisol levels throughout the week. You need to let your adrenals rest and recover. Self Care means time to allow your body to resettle and calm itself. Do not keep going at a million miles an hour….. all weekend!

So for some, a bath and a good book help you unwind. While for others it might be about sunshine, getting into nature, or having an hour’s nap on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Some like a good massage, whilst others find a good chunk of time to sit and read the newspaper helps them unwind.


3 – Food planning and preparation

The most successful leaders know they need the right hydration and nutrition to stay at the top of their game. This means planning out and preparing meals in advance so that it allows for the ‘wine and dine’ factor that’s needed for work outings. It also means then there are the reset meals or days filled with lots of water, fresh fruit, and veggies to help detox and allow for the give and take of entertaining, attending conferences, meetings etc. Do focus on balancing and maintaining a nutritious healthy lifestyle. The 80/20 rule is healthy rather than the 20/80 rule.

As we age, it’s even more important to think about drinking lots of water, and keeping the gut as clean as possible, as this affects brain function, focus, mood, and high-performance capability.


4 – Goal setting for the week ahead

I love to keep a diary page, you might prefer notes or tasks in Outlook. Whatever works best for you, ensure you have a system that enables you to set goals.

Keep an eye on it, and add to it as the weekend progresses. Create an effective to-do list and importantly a way of measuring and prioritising your effectiveness throughout the week.

When we start this on the weekend, it already puts us on the front foot as opposed to leaving it until Monday and then finding ourselves halfway through the day or even into Tuesday feeling somewhat disorganised and on the back foot or behind.


5 – Know and live your values

Values are our compass. They’re like the guiding light that keeps us on track to feeling fulfilled and happy.

Successful leaders know how to integrate values across all areas of their life, at work and at home. If your values aren’t being met, or are in an imbalance, you can begin to feel out of control, unfulfilled, and dissatisfied and this leaves us quite unhappy.

I have my values on the wall. I talk about my values with my family. I live and breathe these values throughout the weekend, as well as during the week.

Some people believe we have a different set of values or we can have a different set of values for ‘Weekday and Weekend’. However, personally after 15 years of coaching, Owner/Operators, CEOs, GMs, and business leaders across departments, individuals, and teams, I do believe those that have the same set of values for both, tend to have a greater sense of consistency leading to fulfillment, achievement, and satisfaction both at home and at work.


So of all these five points which resonates the most for you?

Do you know that if you were to tweak, adjust and adapt your weekend routine, rituals, and habits, you might find you could start the week ahead feeling more calm, relaxed, happy, prepared, joyous, curious, and ready for whatever is to come?

Because the reality is that work-life will still be busy. There’ll still be all of the ongoing challenges that the tourism industry face. The business hurdles to overcome and issues to deal with. However, if we work to have a great weekend in readiness, then perhaps our week ahead will feel less like work.

Love to know your thoughts.





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